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Smoke and Fire Damage Tips

June 12th, 2012

If you have fire and/or smoke damage, call FloodMaster at (210) 651-6900 or read more on the Fire Restoration page. Meanwhile, here are a few frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: Should I open windows to help with ventilation after smoke or fire damage?
A: Yes, but only if weather is permitting
Q: Should I take all my pets to a friend or neighbor’s house and out of the affected area?
A: Yes, take your pets to a clean environment
Q: Should I use electronics that were exposed to fire or smoke damage?
A: No, turn off all electronics until each item has been clean and tested for safety
Q: Should I wipe off fire residue from walls or ceilings in my home or business?
A: No, wiping off fire residue could cause more damage. Make sure a professional cleans the residue from your walls or ceilings
Q: Is it okay to use to couches or chairs that have been exposed to fire or smoke damage?
A: No, do not use any furniture until it has been inspected and cleaned for safety purposes

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