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Fire Restoration

fire damaged livingroom Fire RestorationFire damage can originate through many possible avenues, and it is imperative that you begin the restoration process as soon as possible.

Structural loses caused by a fire or smoke damage can create an assortment of problems. We understand the stresses and difficulties associated with a residential fire loss.

At FloodMaster Restoration we specialize in restoring your life back to normal. Our certified and trained technicians are available 24/7 to begin the restoration process on a structural fire or smoke damaged home.

fire short Fire RestorationYour FloodMaster Restoration team will begin the restoration process immediately.

We begin with a thorough on site survey at the loss location.

If the fire damage is so severe rendering the structure uninhabitable we will board up and secure the home as well as provide any temporary shoring that may be necessary.

Once your home has been secured, we will begin the personal property restoration process (clothes, furniture, electronics, upholstery, specialty items-grandfather clocks, pool tables, animal mounts, etc) will be removed and taken to our facility to begin cleaning.

We will conduct any site cleaning and reconstruction services that are necessary from the beginning to the end and it is our promise to work diligently throughout the restoration process.

FloodMaster Restoration is here to restore your life back to normal!

Full service restoration-emergency services, structure and contents restoration, and reconstruction business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should I open windows to help with ventilation after smoke or fire damage?
A: Yes, but only if weather is permitting
Q: Should I take all my pets to a friend or neighbor’s house and out of the affected area?
A: Yes, take your pets to a clean environment
Q: Should I use electronics that were exposed to fire or smoke damage?
A: No, turn off all electronics until each item has been clean and tested for safety
Q: Should I wipe off fire residue from walls or ceilings in my home or business?
A: No, wiping off fire residue could cause more damage. Make sure a professional cleans the residue from your walls or ceilings
Q: Is it okay to use to couches or chairs that have been exposed to fire or smoke damage?
A: No, do not use any furniture until it has been inspected and cleaned for safety purposes

Partial list of services:

  • Complete Reconstruction
  • Board-Up
  • Structural Cleaning
  • Contents Cleaning
  • Pack Out/Storage
  • Electronics
  • Deodorization